About the WIE Wine and Cheese

Hello and welcome!


We are excited to once again be hosting the Celebration of Women in Engineering with a Wine and Cheese. The first of its kind was in 2010, and here we are hosting the 10th iteration of what is sure to be an annual event for years to come!

With this year’s theme being “Empowering our Generation for future Developments”, we are putting our focus towards connecting individuals with immensely diverse backgrounds who bring their passion, innovation and different areas of expertise to the table. We believe that the creativity and intellect of all members of society – regardless of gender, background, etc., are essential to accelerate progress towards a sustainable future with innovative technology.

Join us in the spirit of celebrating Women In Engineering and helping to strengthen the relationships between students, professors, and industry professionals. We offer a unique opportunity for everyone sharing the same interests to meet and network (or practice networking) in an informal and no-pressure environment.

For many students, this represents an opportunity to create meaningful links to the professional industry in Ottawa. For employers, this is an opportunity to meet in person the next wave of innovators and problem solvers. Expect to see many students from co-op and recent/soon-to-be graduates looking to find out more about you and your work!

We hope that you will join us again this year!